Cracking the Medium Code — Day 4

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We are midway through my “Cracking the Medium Code” experiment. This experiment is designed in a way to find out how being consistent with publishing and engagements affects your view count. If you are interested to know more about the experiment setup read about it here. I will add the set-up and progress articles at the end of this story as well.

Today I got followed by 4 authors. I followed back 3 of them. Then as usual headed for the “Recommended” tab. I was quite unsure today on what to expect as I did not have a good recommendation experience yesterday. However, my today’s recommendations seem to be a mixed bag. But I still found 7 new authors I liked from there. There were also 7 stories from the authors I already follow in the “Recommended” tab. Then as usual I headed to the Followers tab to read the remaining 3 stories.

Daily Stats

Screenshot of author’s stat page by the author

Today is the 16th of October, 2021. As of 10.52 PM, I have got 30 views. This is a huge improvement from yesterday where I only got 17 views. I was slightly worried that my views are on a downward trend, but from today’s statistics, it doesn’t seem the case.

Final Thoughts

We are now halfway. Overall, with the slight exception from yesterday, the view count is trending upwards and looks like already moved to a 20–30 views average. I can’t wait to finish this to see whether I will ever reach the 40–50 views average proving that the Medium algorithm compensates for consistency across publishing and engagements. I will be back tomorrow with the daily progress. Bye for now!

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Sri Lankan expat living in the UK

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Expat in UK

Expat in UK

Sri Lankan expat living in the UK

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