Cracking the Medium Code — Day 3

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Today is the third day of my Cracking the Medium Code Experiment which is tailored to find out how being consistent with the engagements and publishing increases the view count. If you want to know more about the starting state and experiment setup you can read about it here.

Today is a little bit different than yesterday. I got followed by 5 people. An increase of 2 than yesterday. However, I went and read the stories that were written by them, just to find I only like the content of the one author who I followed back. This leaves me to find 9 authors. So as usual I headed back to my “Recommended” tab. Finding new authors from here has been a breeze in the past two days. But I found this very challenging today as I did not like most of the articles recommended. When I found an article I liked, I found that they were from an author I already follow. Then I remembered there is a publication about books that I liked so headed there, read articles and found new authors I liked. Then did my usual 10 stories from the authors that I follow.

Daily Stats

Screenshot of author’s stat page by the author

Today is 15th October. As of 11.52 midnight, I got 17 views. Yesterday 14th of October, I got a total of 40 views. My views now seem to be on a downward trend.

Final Thoughts

As we are still at the start of the experiment, we shouldn’t come to any conclusions. So I am not jumping to conclusions just yet. I will be back tomorrow with the daily progress. Bye for now!

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Sri Lankan expat living in the UK

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Expat in UK

Expat in UK

Sri Lankan expat living in the UK

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