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2 min readNov 11, 2022


A photo of the Stitch Fix envelop by the Author

It will be an understatement if I say I was struggling with my wardrobe all my life. There are two things that I absolutely love; shoes and coats. Apart from them, everything else is a struggle.

Stitch Fix first caught my eye from a Facebook ad. I was not super interested. But as time goes curiosity got the best of me. So I started to search youtube and watch unboxing videos. The Youtube sentiment on Stitch Fix is a mixed rollercoaster. But I was already sold.

Last Saturday I found an affiliate link from a Youtuber and opened my Stitch Fix account. It all starts with a very lengthy survey. It asks about your size ( in greater detail ), style, and what type of clothes you would need. It also asks to like or unlike a mix of wardrobe choices. Overall the survey covered the full ground.

The next step was the preview. And surprisingly it came on the next day. There were 10 pieces of clothing chosen by my stylist. I can select up to 5 items from the 10. I only liked 3/10 and was already regretting my decision at this stage. Since I am already committed, I thought let’s just try this once.

Note from the stylist by the Author

My fix ( as they call it ) came on Friday. The deal is, it will have the 3 items that I picked from the preview and 2 items picked by my stylist. I loved it. I loved both the two items selected by the stylist which were not in the review. The fix also included a personalized note from the stylist and how we can style the pieces. The clothes fit perfectly.

At this point, I am very impressed by the service as well as the fact that my stylist has listened to all the feedback that I have given. Not to mention all the clothes look good on me. Now I am a total convert!

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Expat in UK

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