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Cracking the Medium Code — Day 5

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We are now at day 5 of my “Cracking the Medium Code” experiment. This experiment is designed in a way to find out how being consistent with publishing and engagements affects your view count. If you are interested to know more about the experiment setup read about it here. I will add the set-up and progress articles at the end of this story as well.

Today I was followed by 4 people. I already follow 2 people among them. So as usual I headed back to the remaining author profiles. I really liked one of them. But the other author’s content was in a language that I do not understand. So as usual headed to the “Recommended” tab to find 9 new authors to follow. After I was done with that I started with the “Following” tab to read my daily dose of articles from the authors I already follow.

Daily Stats

Screenshot of author’s stat page by the author

Today is the 17th of October, 2021. As of 11.56 PM, I have got 17 views. This is a drop from yesterday where I only got 33 views. At this point, I can’t make any predictions on the direction of my view count as it is not very stable.

Final Thoughts

We are now more than halfway. I am experiencing very inconsistent behaviour with my view count. However, we still have two more days. I will be back tomorrow with the daily progress. Bye for now!

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Sri Lankan expat living in the UK

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Expat in UK

Expat in UK

Sri Lankan expat living in the UK

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