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Cracking the Medium Code — Day 7

Progress on the seventh day of the experiment to understand the medium algorithm

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2 min readOct 19, 2021


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We are at the end of my “Cracking the Medium Code” which is tailored to find out how the Medium algorithm compensates for the consistency in engagement and publishing. If you are interested to know more about the experiment setup read about it here. I will add the set-up and progress articles at the end of this story as well.

Today I got 3 new followers. But none of them piqued my interest. So here I was once again relying on Medium to recommend authors that I would like. To be honest my “Recommended” tab is filled with the stories of the authors that I follow. So it was really difficult to find 10. After that, I went on reading the authors I follow. I have been doing this routine for a week, so it has become so normal now.

Daily Stats

Screenshot of author’s stat page by the author

Today is the 19th of October, 2021. As of 11.55 PM, I have got 16 views. This is a drop from yesterday where I got 31 views. However, these days I am experiencing an up and down consistent behaviour in my views. One day the views will be in the range of 30–40 and the next day the views are in the range of 10–20. So today is a day of 10–20 views.

Final Thoughts

Today is the last day of the experiment. Tomorrow I am going to see how the week went, aggregate results and come up with my conclusion. If you kept reading this far, don’t forget to check back tomorrow ( or my next post if you are reading this after some time). Bye for now!

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